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Name: ...Sweets...
Age: 20
Resides in: the USA (Louisiana right now...soon to be Texas hopefully!)
Fan of J-music since 2003, Cpop since 2003, and Kpop since 2005

LOVES: GACKT,  AYU (My eternal Goddess), The cold, trashy TV, blogging, manga, KARA, my Ipod/Iphone, Fashion, Japanese music, Japan, hot guys (and girls), Rilakkuma, momoe yamaguchi, KAT-TUN, Lady Gaga (Deal with it), animals, L'arc~en~Ciel, ARASHI, TOKIO, BUCK-TICK, XIAH Junsu, Rain, Se7en, Miura Haruma, etc etc.

HATES: a lot of things. But I won't list them here. I'm sure you'll figure it out after reading my entries.

This LJ is really going to be all over the place lol. i'm going to talk about my private life, my fandoms and other completely random things that I don't talk about in my blog and that probably aren't even worth me talking about anyway.

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 Why is it that every time I decide to read the YouTube comments on a K-pop video I always feel like I'm reading something written by 10/11/12 year olds? 

I was reading the comments on BIGBANG's PV for Tonight (Jap. Ver.) and felt some serious secondhand embarrassment reading majority of those comments...

It's why I find it really hard to take a lot of K-pop fans seriously. (Though to be fair, that can be said about any J-pop fans and C-pop fans as well.)


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